Italy, Italian, Alitalia Airlines Industrial Actions 2008

What a year for Alitalia. All parties involved happy to get rid of this year.

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Nov 2008, Alitalia , Air Italia as it's sometimes called, currently has some 20,000 employees, while the new company will have 12,500 — taking into account the 3,500 working for Air One. From November 10th to 20th airline lost 20 million Euros, losing about 2 million Euros a day 

 new company will serve 23 domestic and 47 international destinations, of which 13 will be intercontinental.

The new Alitalia will operate 670 flights a day, compared with 1,050 previously.

The success of the relaunched Alitalia will depend heavily on a foreign partner, and the European giant Air France-KLM is expected to acquire a stake of up to 25 percent.

Alitalia pilots and flight assistants could be on strike 6 Dec,

December 12, strike, has been announced for all day by main unions while CGIL has fixed it for only four hours. 

12/23/08 Wildcat strike by Air traffic controllers, baggage handlers and maintenance staff stopped work . 46 planes are up for sale if your interested.  

12/1/08 The administrator overseeing the Italian airline's bankruptcy told state radio the 427 million-euro ($541 million) purchase, expected to close on Nov. 30, had been delayed for technical reasons.

The NEW Alitalia will launch December 1, not so fast.... 13 Jan 09
Cash payment of 275 million euros ($354 million) as part of its 1 billion-euro offer available till 11/30/08

11/25/08 Reductions in domestic and international flights, intercontinental flights no change. Alitalia said passengers holding tickets on the canceled flights will be re-booked on other flights.

18 November 2008 Italian airline Alitalia will cancel 100 flights a day for the rest of November.  

15 November 2008 Saturday. Still the same, cancelling flights. From Monday till today a total of 440 flights cancelled. Increase in employee sick leave. Government, Maurizio Sacconi, says " Blocking roads and airports and taking hostage innocent third parties should be criminal!" Fiumicino hundreds of bags unloaded from flights that had been grounded. Airport police continue to get complaints about/from passengers...

13 November 2008 Alitalia Airlines, strike misery. Same old, same old at Alitalia website today. Fourth day of flight disruptions, delays, cancellations. Italian carrier Airone, no flights canceled.  

12 Nov 08 Like Olympic Airlines, Altialia gone from state owned to private investors,CAI, consortium of Italian investors.The European Union's transport chief on Wednesday approved the proposed takeover of the bankrupt Italian airline Alitalia by a group of private investors. Alitalia will still owe $380 million to the Italian state, aid for last bail out. Will the new investors want to pay that back?

12 Nov. Italy, Alitalia Airlines strike another day, long lines, delays, cancelations, heated police called, same as yesterday.

11/11/08 Italy, (US?) Rome, Alitalia, 200ft lines at check in. Several flights scrapped. Nothing on website

Nov 10, Alitalia Airlines, sudden strike, cancel flights today. Workers protesting, blocked the entry way for flight staff at Rome's Fiumicino airport on Monday, canceling about 95 flights and delaying others.Flights were also canceled in Milan.

11/9/08 Italy, Unions for Alitalia pilots and flight attendants have called a strike for Nov. 25.first in a series of one-day strikes

11/4/08 Alitalia Unions playing up again. Four unions representing flight attendants and pilots dislike rescue plan, want to cancel previous agreement. Flight attendants union walked out of the meeting.  
All nine unions representing Alitalia workers agreed to the outlines of the plan in late September. Alitalia is losing about three million euros (4.3 million dollars) a day and has debts totaling some 1.2 billion euros.

The new Alitalia Airlines will need the participation of an established foreign airline to remain viable, and Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways have indicated interest, either as stakeholders or, in BA's case, as a partner.

11/1/08 Rome, New Alitalia up and flying by Dec 1, operational by December 1 when its foreign partner will have been chosen, the administrator for the CAI group that is taking over the Italian flag carrier
Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways have been approached to take a minority stake. CAI would buy 64 of its aircraft and acquire the leasing contracts for another 29. Alitalia has a fleet of 173 planes.

10/27/08 Ryanair From March of 2009, the Irish budget carrier will launch 11 new routes from the Bologna airport, in a move that followed its announcement of major route expansion from Sardinia.

10/24/08 Ugly duckling no more, rescued Alitalia turns heads

10/7/08 Alitalia is to seek bankruptcy protection as it tries to agree a deal to ensure its survival, its financial adviser

10/1/08 All unions accept reconstruction.  

9/30/08 Lufthansa meets Alitalia's unions 

9/29/08 Alitalia investor deal nears total union support

9/28/08 Rescue deal for Alitalia taking shape. 

9/26/08 Representatives of Alitalia's flight attendants on Friday agreed to a rescue plan for the bankrupt airline as the government continued talks to bring all unions on board

9/26/08 Lufthansa CEO in Italy for Alitalia talks.

9/26/08 Alitalia's long-awaited rescue plan was poised for takeoff on Friday as the government struggled to get diehard pilots and flight attendants on board.

9/24/08 Air France-KLM in talks to join Alitalia bidder-source.


Venezuelan airline Aserca is believed to be making an offer for distressed Italian national flag carrier Alitalia.

9/24/08 Alitalia pilots express safety fears

9/23/08 Alitalia hangs out For Sale sign up.

9/22/08 last-ditch attempt to sell Italy's loss-making national airline on Monday by public tender before calling in the liquidators after a failed rescue bid reuters

9/22/08 Hopes of rescue bid for Alitalia look slim

9/20/08 THE bankrupt Italian airline Alitalia has one foot in the financial grave after a consortium of industrialists withdrew their offer to buy the carrier, spelling the end of a national symbol and dealing a blow to the reputation of Silvio Berlusconi.

9/17/08 Italy Alitalia: Employees getting ugly and feed up.

9/17/08 Alitalia unions given deadline to accept takeover proposals. 

9/17/08 UPDATE 1-Alitalia scraps 40 flights over strike, fuel OK

9/16/08 Italy Italian Alitalia: Negotiations continue.

9/15/08 Alitalia scrambles for deal to avert collapse

8/15/08 Flight attendants at troubled Italian airline Alitalia said they would walk out on their jobs for exactly one minute on Sept. 6.

9/15/08 Alitalia unions divided over draft deal to save airline.

9/14/08 Alitalia's Larger Unions, Government Agree Partially on Bailout  
partial agreement on a rescue plan for the insolvent airline that was immediately denounced by labor groups excluded from the talks

9/11/08 Alitalia unions, investors in talks on airline's future.

Pilots leave negotiations but don't break them.

9/9/08 Italy airports mull credit strategy for Alitalia

9/9/08 Air France-KLM ready to invest in new Alitalia?

9/9/08 Union backs Alitalia plan, but deadlock looms.

9/8/08 Moving to shaky airline status, you're brave to book with them.

9/8/08 Alitalia unions reject new contracts 

8/29/08 Alitalia seeks bankruptcy protection, rescuers ready.

8/15/08 Flight attendants at troubled Italian airline Alitalia said they would walk out on their jobs for exactly one minute on Sept. 6.

8/6/08 Alitalia's fate hanging in the air. A company source said the airline is still waiting for the Italian government to decide whether or not it ought to file for bankruptcy -- as a long-awaited rescue plan by advisor Intesa Sanpaolo is expected to suggest as a first step.

7/31/08 Question mark on the fate of Italy's flagship airline 

Alitalia convenes board ahead of rescue plan. Board has convened extraordinary meeting for Wednesday as the troubled Italian airline awaits a new rescue plan being drawn up by its bank adviser, a company source said UK.Reuters

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein 

5 July 08 The planes are run-down and the service is appalling, .

2 July 08 Toxic smell, hasmat suits, Crew diverted to Boston, turns out to be minced onions. 

6/30/08 Alitalia on 'last chance' for survival  

6/25/08 Reports: Alitalia advisers working on business plan to save ailing airline.

6/11/08 EU to investigate Italian aid to Alitalia  

10 June 08, Bookings are up

The sale would relieve the state of its 49.9 percent stake in an airline that loses more than 1 million euros ($1.5 million) a day

5/30/08 Alitalia"The situation is so serious and urgent that the usual privatization procedures which failed in the past have to be ruled out," Tremonti told a news conference airwise

5/31/08 Alitalia Airlines Begins LAX-Rome Flights Sunday, June 1; Only Nonstop Service Between California and Italy  

5/28/08 Alitalia posts 2007 losses of €495 million, calls for capital to keep flying 

5/5/08 Lufthansa met with unicredit to discuss buying Alitalia. Conditions are 1. Clear idea of the companies finances. 2. Turnaround strategy. 3. Italian investors remove union problems.  

4/24/08 The Italian government decided Tuesday to give Alitalia a 300 million euro (242 million pound) loan to keep it flying until a new buyer is found, after Air France-KLM (AIRF) pulled out. Alitalia looses a million euros a day and the loan is expected to stave off bankruptcy.

4/3/08 Alitalia, emergency board meeting, edges closer to bankruptcy.  

Loosing one million a day, may not survive the summer.  

4/2 Alitalia boss quits after Air France-KLM pull out bbc

3/31/08 Union representing Alitalia workers has walked out of talks with Air France-KLM putting the Franco-Dutch firm's takeover at risk.

3/16/08 Air France-KLM, Alitalia accepts offer bbc

2/09/08 Pilots strike, cancels flights 

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