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One way to avoid the interminable lines at the airport. According to the website of the magazine Challenges , Air France offers its passengers the opportunity to check in their baggage 24 hours before departure to avoid delays at check-in counters at the airport of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.

Ten check-in counters are provided for the terminal Invalides in central Paris to welcome guests airline wishing to unload their suitcases on the eve of their departure, and the newspaper. Luggage will be weighed on scales before being sent to the Paris airport. Passengers will also "assign their seat, even if departure is more than 30 hours," says Challenges , noting that it is "impossible when you register online."

EXCLUSIVE The company installs check-in counters in Terminal ephemeral Invalides. A free service tested for 2 days during the summer departures of August.
Passengers who want to record yesterday will get to the terminal where Air France Invalides is located since 1948. (Photo Air France) Passengers who want to record yesterday will get to the terminal where Air France Invalides is located since 1948. (Photo Air France)

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Register luggage the day before his departure, history arriving at the airport empty hands ... When hand heavily loaded on vacation - and moreover the days when we are not alone in fly-c is a considerable comfort. Comfort which is also the norm among our Swiss neighbors where, when taking a flight departing from Geneva, Bern and Zurich can be deposited 24 hours in advance luggage in main railway stations in the country .

After experimenting with recording the eve Roissy-CDG-but only for some flights to Africa, Air France decided to test this service in the heart of Paris, in Terminal des Invalides (seventh district) where the company has been established since 1948. advantage including the departure of the Hertz rental car, she recovered enough space to plant a dozen check-in counters ephemeral. There will be no carpet, but scales to weigh luggage will then be forwarded to Roissy. Passengers must present themselves on the eve of their flight and assigned their seat even if departure is more than 30 hours after this is impossible when records online!

Avoid reinforced strike mob 

Free, this service will be operational only for two days: Thursday 31 July for passengers whose flight from Roissy-CDG is scheduled the next day, and Friday 1 st August for those who leave Saturday. The company warned by email passengers potentially interested expects thousands of pre-registration. What alleviate the crowd promises to be important in this weekend crossover. The company evokes the figure of 140,000 passengers booked an Air France flight from Paris-CDG, either Friday or Saturday.

The fact that this service is offered on the eve of a strike of ground staff of Air France is officially the chance. According to a spokesman of the company, the decision was made ​​well before the five unions ( CGT , CFE-CGC, UNSA, FO and Air South) call for work stoppages on Saturday, August 2.

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