Zurich airport baggage handlers for International Airlines Group (IAG) group ie. British Airways and Iberia is Dnata

Provide passenger handling, ramp handling, ticketing,  and de-icing services from February 2013.

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Zurich Airport Strike Switzerland
Airline Strike Switzerland
Swiss Air Strike?
Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2018
​Zurich Airport in the summer can get over capacity causing flight delays.

17 July, 2018 You should know Swiss air traffic control strike that was planned for 23 July, 2018 has been cancelled. You hit the lottery!.
On the other hand an Italian air traffic control strike is planned for Saturday 21 July, 2018 causing flight delays.

Strikes from 2015
September 7, 2015 Lufthansa on strike this week. 

Old strikes for 20152 August 2015 
Several strikes going on this week - Australian customs and immigration, Brussels Airport security and Greek air traffic control strike planned for Wednesday www.easytravelreport.com
​Australian customs and immigration strike is in full force and Easyjet strike ballot is out this week. London Tube strike likely to take place this week.

11 June 2015 Spanish air traffic control strike still on Friday and Sunday to go. Expect flight delays.
Lufthansa Airline flights cancelled Wednesday 18 March, 2015 Call them Follow along with us at 
Easy Travel Report
You might need to know Italian air traffic control strike is planned for the Friday. Belgian general strike is planned for the 22nd April.
Flights from Zurich Airport will be delayed tomorrow due to:-
You should know if flying to  Spain - 27 days of strike action or protests are planned Easy Travel Report Spanish airport strikes for 2915

Hamburg Airport Security Strike
Strike starts tonight Sunday, midnight and will last till midnight Monday, 9 February 2015. Other airports involved Hannover and Stuttgart. Expect delays your airline has been trying to get you, call them.

Last strike
22 January 2015 New Hamburg Airport security strike planned for Friday, 23 January 2015 between the hours 11am - 4pm.  
Get to the airport three hours early.
​Old strikes for 2014
19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans.

EasyJet Strike Lufthansa pilot strike, and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2013
Sunday, March 3, 2013 Zurich airport likely have flight delays to France and Spain this week. 

French air traffic controllers will strike from 6 PM Monday evening till 6 AM Wednesday, 6 March morning. Minimal service will be in effect at some French airports.  Chances are you will be delayed, call your airline.

The other disruption is Spain. See our Iberia Airline strike page causing flight changes in Air Nostrum, Vueling and IberiaExpress.

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Zurich Airport Strike