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Tokoyo Narita Airport Strike ストライキ by:-
Lufthansa Airlines, Air France, Alitalia, Finnair, Qantas, Air India, Air Canada, KLM, Air Tahiti Nui all of these airlines have financial and employee contract problems.

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Airline flights from Japan Narita International Airport. Yes, your long-haul flight is a go but what about your connecting flight in Europe?

We've got some travel updates for you.
Italian air traffic control strike 
15 December, 2017. Going to be a bad day for travel around Italy. See our front page for other strike action the following days.

14 December a nationwide taxi strike is planned. Give yourself time to get to and from your Italian airport.
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​​27 February 2017 You should know about some European aviation strikes you might be flying into.
Air France cabin crews threaten strikes in March as with Finnish aviation unions and Italian general public transportation strike follow along www.easytravelreport.com

Old strikes from 2016
French air traffic control strikes, General Strike and Air France strike! Will effect your flight flight from Lille Airport.

Update:-23 March 2016 French air traffic control threaten more strike action next week if they don't get something in concrete. Perhaps in time with the General strike on the 31st which Air France cabin crews will be joining in with.
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Strikes from 2014
Italian general strike planned for 14 November, 2014 for 24 hours.

Cathay Pacific pilots threaten strike action over the Christmas holiday's.

September 2014 has seen strikes by Italian airline Alitalia, Air France and German Lufthansa Airlines. These strikes are going on in Europe right now. Thousands of Lufthansa passengers world wide have been sleeping on cots at the airport, Frankfurt Airport included.

Other airlines you should keep your eye's on if you have a flight book with them. Finnair and Air India employees are due to be let go.

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Here are some pages that we update when strike action is imminent. 

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Lufthansa Airlines Strike
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air france ストライキ
Air India

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Narita Airport and European Strikes