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For current industrial actions see
Lufthansa Strikes

​For current industrial actions see
Lufthansa Strikes

​2008 -2009 was a cantankerous year for Lufthansa unions were 

9/09 JetBlue Airways and Lufthansa have signed a codeshare agreement 

7/24/09 Vereinigung Cockpit union, is asking for a 6.4% pay increase for its 4,500 pilots over the next year or a 9.6% rise over the next 18 months, plus bonuses

3/29/09 A Profit posted at €599 million; last year's figure had been €1.66 billion!

10 March, 2009 Tuesday Lufthansa agreed to pay cabin crews a wage increase of 4.2 percent, deal will avoid strikes. Deal is retroactive beginning Jan 1, it also provides for a one time payment based on 2008 profits an the employee;s salary level.

10 March, 2009 Departures for today seem to be on time.  

9 March, 09 The UFO union, which represents some 16,000 cabin attendants, said it planned to hold strikes for several hours at short notice, but not for long periods.
Nice, so comforting to passengers. Much harder to monitor. I imagine it depends which way the wind blows, did they wake up on the right side of the bed, who knows? 

9 March, 2009 Cabin crew balloting ends today. Still in negotiations, have voted over whelming to strike. Will keep you informed.

20 February, 2009 Lufhansa employees start balloting Monday. Will finish March 9, 09. 75 percent of union members have to vote for union action. In the mean time warning strikes will continue.

17 February, 2009 Cancellations and delays maybe in the future for Lufthansa again. Deutsche Lufthansa, Union UFO have not made Lufthansa cabin crew happy, wage talks failed today. Perhaps they will ballot for industrial action. Lufthansa is offering, profit sharing, increase of 10 percent and better working conditions. Fourth quarter had yielded stronger results than expected, aided by lower airline fuel.

February, 09 Closes sales offices in India, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Thomas Cook Group plans to buy Lufthansa's 24.9% stake in Condor airlines for 77 million euros ($100.4 million) in cash. Thomas Cook is controlled by German retailer Arcandor which is in the businesses of mail order and Internet shopping, department stores, and tourism services. Established 1999

1/27/09 tomorrow, 28 January, 2009 Wednesday flight attendants on strike 6am-noon.

1/26/09 Lufthansa cabin crew may go on strike again today or in coming days. A three hour flight last Friday involved cutting half it's 90 flights.

1/23/09 Lufthansa, flight attendants wildcat strike today for three hours, caused 14 cancellations and numerous delays. Talks broke down last Friday.

1/22/09 Lufthansa has new lounge at JFK. Behind security check points in Terminal One, First class top floor, second floor, bistro and showers and bath tubs!

1/21/09 Pilot strike today by affiliate airline Con-tact Air.

10/2/08 Air Canada pilots together with the Continental and United pilots, Sign Protocol Agreement in Response to Airlines Joint Venture

8/22/08 German pilots' union Cockpit has threatened Deutsche Lufthansa AG with more strikes should the airline not meet the union's demands for better wages

8/15/08 ``Some airlines are struggling to survive,'' Ehrhardt said. ``That's not something Lufthansa is facing.''

8/8/08 Friday's cancellations followed the scrapping of some 360 flights on Thursday. CityLine operates on domestic German and European routes.

8/7/08 The German pilot union Cockpit called Thursday, Aug. 7, for more than 700 pilots employed by Lufthansa subsidiary Cityline to observe a 36-hour strike in support of increased

8/4/08 Lufthansa, As vice president of the airline's supervisory board, Bsirske is entitled to free tickets. As a result, he left on vacation with his wife for the US city, from where he continued on to a South Pacific island destination.Bsirske had demonstrated "a basic political lack of judgement." 

8/3/08 Lufthansa pilots will have a three hour strike this week to demand their own work council. Expects to cancel around 130 flights on Monday and will not resume its full flight schedule for two weeks after a strike last week, a spokesman said.Checks to aircraft had backed up during the strike over pay,which trade union Verdi ended on Saturday after reaching a wage deal with the airline on Friday.

From Tuesday, some 40 flights a day would be canceled, of which around 35 would be European flights, Lufthansa said.

Lufthansa usually runs about 2,000 flights per day. (Writing by Paul Carrel; editing by Sue Thomas) Reuters.

8/1/08 Lufthansa reaches agreement with strike ground  

8/1/08 Lufthansa strike begins to take toll . Deutsche Lufthansa said it canceled round trips to New York, Dallas, Chicago, Calgary, Calcutta and Dubai. The rest of the 82 flights canceled were for destinations in Germany and Europe

7/31/08 Lufthansa Strike Displays German Thoroughness, Expert Says

7/30/08 Lufthansa cuts 10 percent of Europe flights due to strike.

7/30/08 Lufthansa strike has no effect on UK services. 

7/30/08 Strike-hit Lufthansa cancels long-haul flights.

7/29/08 Strike-hit Lufthansa posts weaker first half profit of 402 mln euros. 

7/29/08 Lufthansa Cuts 70 Flights, Grounds 9 Planes in Strike

7/28/08 Lufthansa.Workers at Germany's biggest airline, Lufthansa, on Monday began an indefinite strike at the height of the holiday season to press for higher pay, in the latest walkout to hit Europe's biggest economy. 

Frankfurt and Hamburg airports will be the hardest hit on Monday when 52,000 employees of Lufthansa AG go on strike, a union official said 

7/27/08 Lufthansa. Ground personnel and flight crews would stop working on Sunday at midnight (2200 GMT), the union said last week after workers it represented approved the action by an overwhelming majority of 90.7 percent. 

German Lufthansa votes for 1st strike in 13 years.

7/25/08 Lufthansa, the leading German airline, faces a major strike next week after members of the German trade union Verdi voted on Friday for a strike to press demands for higher wages.

7/24/08  Easyjet benefiting from Lufthansa problems. 

7/23/08 Strike at Lufthansa units cause widespread cancellations.

7/22/08 Germany,12:00 p.m. today until midnight tomorrow, pilots at Eurowings and CityLine will be on strike. The strikes will affect all German cities where the two carriers operate, which include Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg.
Warning, strikes ground nearly 1,000 Lufthansa flights.

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein, Spiegelonlineinternational

15 July 08 Lufthansa AG.'s grounds crew and cabin crew workers today started balloting on possible industrial action that may cripple flight operations during the busy summer travel season. 

11 July 08, German union to stage ballot on Lufthansa strike, walkouts possible this month 

10/7/08 Lufthansa, spokesman said at midday that the talks had collapsed.

9 July 08, Lufthansa demand compensation for heathrow debacle. 

7/7/08 Lufthansa pilots to strike on Monday over pay UK

Lufthansa subsidiary this week called a 24hr bitter strike and inconvenienced several thousand people.

3 July 08 Lufthansa Workers Down Tools. 

July 1 (Reuters) - Germany's Deutsche Lufthansa cut 40 flights on Tuesday and did not rule out further cancellations as workers carried out warning strikes to pressure the airline in a dispute over pay. 

6/27/08 Workers at Deutsche Lufthansa AG.'s ground crew in Munich continued warnings strikes this afternoon, with 70 aircraft mechanics and technicians halting work for two hours, works council head Manfred Hackl said. 

But a spokeswoman for Munich airport said there were no delays due to the strike.

6/26/08 Lufthansa says will meet profit target despite fuel costs.

6/23/08 FRANKFURT, Germany (AP): German airline Lufthansa AG ground crews staged a surprise four-hour strike early Monday in Dusseldorf, causing delays or cancellations of about 40 flights, the union ver.di said.
According to the union, about 1,500 passengers were affected.

4 June, 08 Lufthansa Flight Training Purchases Five Flight Training Devices from Mechtronix

5/23/08 Beginning October 26th, Lufthansa Airlines will launch its popular all-business class service six times per week between Boston and Munich. The route will be served with an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet in a 48-seat, all-business class configuration. The new flight is a premium extension of Lufthansa's existing widebody summer service between Boston and Munich, which daily offers 221 seats in a three-class configuration. It also complements the existing daily service between Boston and Frankfurt and the daily SWISS flight between Boston and Zurich. 

5/21/2008 Lufthansa Airline says 62 flights at its Cityline, Eurowing units canceled amid pilot strike  

March 4, 2008 Lufthansa Airline urges strike-hit passengers to take train per Reuters

29 January 2008 Lufthansa Airline , Pilots Reach Pay Agreement to Avoid Strike per

May 07, German Airline, Lufthansa, economy class may get beds! 

13 Dec 2006 Lufthansa Airlines buys stake in Jet Blue, 19%, $300 million
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